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Life Fitness FlexRider SE - remanufactured.

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Life Fitness FlexStrider med variabel skridtlængde flytter barrieren for optimal cardiotræning med helkropstræning og uovertruffen ergonomi. Life Fitness FlexStrider følger kroppen naturlige bevægmønster men eliminerer G-påvirkning da bevægelserne er runde bløde. Det beskytter i særdelshed knæ og ryg og alligevel du får en kraftfuld og unik træningsoplevelse.

Bluetooth hardware ships standard in all Discover SE and Discover SI Consoles. Exercisers can connect Bluetooth compatible headphones and heart rate devices. Exercisers can also log-in and save workout results via a QR code scan through LFconnect when product is not connected to the Internet. (Iphone 5 and below will allow music and video streaming with no adapter while newer models will not allow video or streaming even with adapters).

You can browse the internet but you can only use the pre-loaded apps already on the display. The browser will allow Youtube and similar video sharing sites however some will require extra plug-ins that will not work.

Can I stream Netflix, Hulu, etc. from my smartphone? iPhone models 4 and below can stream videos via the 30-pin connector. Once you start your video, connect your Apple device to the connector and you will then see a Stream Media option under the Mobile screen. iPhones with a lightning connector and Android smartphones cannot stream videos.

Resistance Levels: 26 levels of resistance
Console Type: 16″ Integrated Surface Capacitive LCD Touch Screen with Swipe™ Technology
Heart Rate: Life Pulse™ Digital Heart Rate Monitoring with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and Polar telemetry compatible
Power Requirements: AC Power line 115 Volt. 15 Amp
Made in the USA
ISO 9001 Certified

Tecnical data:
Step-Up Height: 10.5" (26.67 cm)
Max User Weight: 400 Lbs
Weight: 564 lbs
Dimensions: 64.5” L x 31.5” W x 67.5” H